Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How Do I Get Scentsy Wax Out Of Carpet?

Oh emmm gee, I spilled my Scentsy wax on the carpet!
First of all RELAX, it isn't the end of the world!
I have spilled wax on myself, carpet, clothing, and even on my furniture.
It is SIMPLE to remove Scentsy wax from the carpet or wherever.

What You Will Need To Remove Scentsy Wax
1. Brown Paper Bag
2. An Iron

Steps You Will Need To Take!
1. Try and scrape any of the wax away that you can and try to pick up as much of the excess Scentsy wax as possible.
2. Set your iron on the LOWEST setting because Scentsy wax melts at such a low temperature.
3. Place the brown paper bag over the wax.
4. Gently iron the paper bag that is covering the Scentsy wax. Make sure to keep moving the iron so the carpet and the bag do not burn.
5. The wax will begin to liquefy and be absorbed by the paper bag. You may want to switch your bags as they become saturated with the candle wax.
6. If the candle wax has left a stain or was discolored at all you may want to rub a little rubbing alcohol on the a clean cloth.

- copied from Independent Scentsy Consultant - Christine Loewenhagen

AGAIN, Scentsy Spills are easy to clean up!

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